Rental Power Service
  • Single Unit, Power Fleet, Open, Canopy, Containered
  • In today’s world, we rely on reliable power supply more than yesterday. But it may be interrupted by any unpredictable reason. Then, reliable back-up power is needed to keep the lights on. In some areas, power supply is limited or even impossible. Where, robust and cost-efficient generator set is needed to make the business running. In many sectors, such as air traffic control, critical care nursing facilities and wireless telecommunications towers, power interruption may danger life and cost expensive damage to property. Which, fast response generator set is needed to keep the power on.

    Kontune Rental Power Devision is backed up by an advanced power fleet with a variety of generator sets. Its experienced and skilled teams of operation and maintenance are prepared to located wherever and whenever you need.



       Standard Type (Open)


             Canopy Type


             Container Type

    For detailed information or inquiry, please contact Kontune Retal Power Business Unit.

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